Training books for S&c coaches

This list is absolutely not exhaustive. You can be a complete beginner or a old head in the Physical Preparation industry (Although we dont believe thats possible as learning never stops...ever) and the books in this list will help you develop. They will also provoke thought and might even change your current methods of work. That is only if you are growth minded though! Please get in touch if you want any advice on which books to get.


We have linked the picture of each book up to the amazon page to make it easier for you. Just click through.

High Performance training for sports - Joyce & Lewindon

This is an essential for all coaches. It set a completely new standard in resources available for physical preparation coaches. Every chapter is a world leader in their field talking about what they are doing right now which works. Do not wait years for a peer reviewed journal on each subject. This book will teach you something new every chapter but it is definitely not purely academic. It is very much a book which you will be able to apply to your work immediately. 

Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation - JOYCE & LEWINDON

Well they did it again. This is another absolute must have for all coaches. A lot of Physical Preparation coaches we speak to and interact with feel that their proficiency in the prehab/rehab world is not where it could be. This book is another game changer. If athletes knew about it they would be happier. The more coaches who read this book the better service athletes around the world are going to receive.

The Strength & Conditioning bible - Nick Grantham

A book to compliment the two above. Nick is an exceptional coach to many elite athletes however he also works with the general public and is as passionate about both. This book helps to bridge the gap between rehab and strength and conditioning.

CEO Strength coach - Ron McKeefry

The amount of people we have spoke to who have also read this book in less than a few days, cover to cover is quite incredible. It will teach you, amongst other things,  the importance of developing as a coach, a manager, an entrepreneur and most importantly as a person. A must read for any strength and conditioning coach who wants to progress.

Strength training for speed - James Wild

A book with a varied mix of content from physiology to science to practical. All in a very straight to the point format. This is being used worldwide for beginners to elite level sprinters.

becoming a supple leopard - starrett & cordoza

Improve your athletic performance, add years to your career by treating stiffness and achy joints. Learn to prevent and rehab injuries all by yourself. No more paying for specialists by being able to be accountable for your own body maintenance.

Strength & Conditioning for endurance running - Blagrove

This book shows how strength and conditioning can support improvements in running performance, whilst reducing injury risk as well as enabling runners to tolerate higher workloads.

The science of running - Magness

This is another great book for endurance coaches. An easy read without loads of tables and diagrams. Covers the importance of individual programming and how to adjust each persons program to get maximum results.