General Physical Preparedness

This page is in relation to the fourth of six articles written by our coach Connor Browne for the Functional Sports Nutrition magazine. 


Below you will find videos and information relating to the blog post.

Glute Bridge Raises

1/ To set up lie down flat with both legs straight. Pull one foot in to be beside the other knee. Place the second foot beside that foot.

2/ Ensure you grip the bar tight and keep control of it.

3/ Squeeze the bar into the air making sure to keep your stomach down and flat. Also try to drive through your heels.

4/ Squeeze your glutes and arrive at the top of the rep with control where you can pause for a second or so.

Suitcase Carry

1/ The aim is to walk square and uniformly. 

2/ Grip the weight tightly with the free hand on your hip. 

3/ Walk the distance whilst trying to not allow your feel from leaving their 'train tracks' i.e. don't let them cross over.

Bodyweight Squat

1/ Set feet slightly wider than hip width. You can experiment whether you want straight feet or feet at 11 and 1 on the clock. Whichever is comfy for you.

2/ The aim is to sit back with a straight torso and then sit down in the space behind your heels.

3/ Whilst in the bottom and lower position try to have your weight on your heels to midfoot.

4/ Think about chest and nose going forward to ensure the locked torso whilst keeping knees in line with your feet.


1/ With a straight body row your chest up to the the space between the handles.

2/ Think about pulling your elbows back as opposed to the handles. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.

3/ Lower with control and cease the exercise when you have to kick your hips up to achieve a rep. Your body must be locked.

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1/ On your elbows and feet with a neutral spine with your head in a normal position.

2/ Keep your stomach and glutes tight and try to breath normally.

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Press Up

1/ Get on partner to hold you down on a bench or physio bed. 

2/ Hold your body and head in a straight line whilst squeezing your glutes hard.

Bodyweight Step Up

1/ Imagine you have a glass of water on your head whilst stepping up onto a box just below knee height.

2/ Step up on the box driving your weight through the heel of the on box foot with minimal propulsion from the ground leg.

3/ Ensure your knee stays in line with your foot and your hips don't get left behind.

Sled Walking

1/ This can be done with a sled, tyre or prowler.

2/ You can march like the video or if you are trying to focus on your hamstrings then walk with slightly straighter legs pulling backwards with your hamstrings.

3/ Ensure torso is upright and lower back position is maintained.

We hope the above was useful for you.

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