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This page is in relation to the second of six articles written by our coach Connor Browne for the Functional Sports Nutrition magazine. 


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Goblet Squat

1/ Hold a weight against the chest.

2/ Feet about shoulder width apart. Toes pointing straight/slightly out (person depending).

3/ With a back of steel, reach your bum back and sit down into the space behind your heels.

4/ The bottom is when your elbows brush the inside of your knees. Some people, from a mobility perspective, push the knees out with the elbows before returning to the top.

Couch Stretch

Below is an example of someone who is very tight through quad and hip flexor. However it is a good example of how to perform the couch stretch with that tightness. An error here would see the individual arch the lower back and hike the ribs and chest up into the air trying to give the illusion of range. Be honest and keep the ribs locked down.

Below is an example of someone who is not abnormally tight through quad and hip flexor. They can keep the ribs down whilst pulsing through the hip joint to try and loosen the quad and hip flexor.

1/ Adopt a kneeling position in front of a couch (sofa), wall or weights bench. 

2/ Your back knee should be as bent as possible with heel as close as possible to bum.

3/ Ensure you keep your lower back flat and don't hyper-extend. 

4/ Hold for 30-120s each side.


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The rest of the Exercises written about

Foam Roll Quads

1/ Position yourself over the roller with roller directly under one leg.

2/ Put your weight through your hands/elbows and push and pull your body so the roller slowly works through your quad.

Note - Go all the way up to the hip and all the way down to the knee on each rep. Slow and steady wins this race!!

Lacrosse Ball Glutes

1/ Position yourself over the lacrosse ball with the ball under your weight on 'the back/outside' part of your glute.

2/ The glute which has the ball in it; that leg will be placed on the other legs knee (This helps improve the amount of pressure you can put through the ball). Your hands will be just behind your body to take the rest of the weight.

3/ Move your body over the lacrosse ball and look for tight spots. 

Note - Be sure to work the ball into all the areas around the glute. Work it on to the outside of the hip aswell. That is where most people will really start to feel it.

Side Lying Thoracic Windmill

1/ Adopt a side lying position and bring the top leg knee up and tuck that foot under the bottom legs knee.

2/ Keep bottom arm straight in front and whilst keeping the top leg knee in contact with the floor 'swoop' the top hand over and above the head until you cant keep your knee down. At this point return back to the start position.

Note - When 'swooping' the top hand keep it in contact with the ground and ensure your eyes follow that hand so as to increase the range of motion of the thoracic spine.

Spider Man

1/ Get into a press up position.

2/ Bring one foot up in line with the same hand whilst maintaining the same body angle. 

Note - Ensure chest stays up and the long leg is straight.

Bottom Squat Hold

1/ Set up for a bodyweight squat and descend to the bottom as deep as you can as long as you can keep the weight spread evenly through the whole foot.

2/ Maintain a 'back of steel' and only hold onto a rig or squat stand if you need to.

We hope the above was useful for you.

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