A Closer Look at Primal Movements

This page is in relation to the 9th article written by our coach Connor Browne for the Functional Sports Nutrition magazine. 


Below you will find videos of exercises relating to the blog post and others to add more sustenance to each category, which will help give you options to pick from. These might enhance your training through variation alone. 


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Horizontal Push

Beginner - Inverted Press Up

Intermediate - Press Up 

Advanced - BB Bench Press

Vertical Push

Beginner - Half Kneeling SA DB Shoulder Press

Intermediate - Seated DB Shoulder Press

Advanced - Barbell Military Press

Horizontal Pull

Beginner - TRX Row

Intermediate - Incline Bench DB Row

Advanced - BB Bench Pull

Vertical Pull

Beginner - Eccentric Chin Up

Intermediate - Chin Up

Advanced - Pull Up


Beginner - Chest Loaded Waiter Bow 

Intermediate - RDL

Advanced - SL RDL

Lunge / Unilateral

Beginner - DB Lunge (On the spot)

Intermediate - BB Walking Lunge

Advanced - BB RFESS (Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat)


Beginner - Goblet Squat

Intermediate - Front Squat

Advanced - Back Squat


Beginner - Farmer Carry

Intermediate - Suitcase Carry

Advanced - DB Waiter Carry


Beginner - Plank Medley

Intermediate - 1/2 Kneeling OH Lateral Pallof Press

Intermediate - 1/2 Kneeling OH Anterior Pallof Press

Advanced - GHR Brace Medley

Run / Gait

Beginner - Wall Drives

Intermediate - A-March

Advanced - Slow High Knee A-Run

We hope the above was useful for you.

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