Here you will find some words from our clients over the years

"I had Connor from Tenax Performance as my S+C coach for 2 years and I would have to say he helped me make the jump to the next level. This was all the more special as this happened at the same time as bringing me back from a stress fracture in my back. It was hard work but he had me work smart and hard...not just hard"


Reece Topley - England, England Lions, England U-19, Hampshire and Essex

"We used Connors services for 4 years in our pre-season phase to make sure our players could be a fit as possible. We also needed as many players available across the season as we could manage and having the lads fit from week 1 of the season helped us achieve that. We also achieved a promotion in that period which I believe would have not been possible without a fit squad"


Adam Bowman - Head Coach of Sevenoaks Rugby Club

"The guys at Tenax Performance stepped in big time when I needed them. I live a long way away from the central Britich Cycling hub in Manchester so couldn't use the gym and S+C up there. I made proper progress with them and wish them all the best!!!"


Beth Shriever - GB BMX

"Using the Tenax Performance app has made a huge difference to my training. Not only has it been easier to keep track of my goals, but I can keep notes on what I've eaten, which has been half the battle. My trainer Connor was supportive throughout, always updating the app according to my needs and providing feedback to focus my training efforts. This helped me gain muscle mass on a level I hadn't experienced before and I put the fact I got back into first team rugby, on this intervention in my training. Would recommend to anyone who wants more individual/sport specific training and likes having that constant guidance and motivation along the way. When it got tough, I needed it. So worth it!!"


Tom S - Head Sales Rep + Very Committed Rugby Player

"I have seen a vast improvement in my strength levels and my overall shape since having Connor program for me through the app. I have always been a gym goer but having that direction from the app not only allows me to work harder but I can switch off and not worry about which exercise I should or shouldn't do next"


John B - Highy experienced CEO and father of 3 children

"Connor brings an extremely professional approach to my squads along with a great rapport with the players/coaches at all levels. He put excellent individualised S&C programs in place which are monitored regularly. I would highly recommend Connor and Tenax Performance for any S&C work at any level"


Jeremy Bray - Current Denmark Cricket Head Coach. Played international cricket for Ireland and has also coached the Ireland Womens team

"Great results despite my constant snacking and eating!! Connor persevered with me....thankfully! He does love a bear crawl."


Paul K - Sales Manager 

"I have more than enough to think about with my family and work commitments and using the Tenax Performance app just makes it simple. Plus I'm a big fan of cricket so it's kind of cool to think I might be training the same way as the best cricketers. If it can help me stay in shape then it must be good!!!"


John D - Senior Lecturer