what we offer

Online   training

 Tenax Performance provides online training for a large number of athletes and non-athletes from all walks of life and from several different countries. Please watch the video below to get a brief snapshot of how the app works. It completely changes the struggles online programming has normally faced in the past.

If you have any questions please get in touch with the team at info@tenaxperformance.com 

We are confident you will feel the difference using the app as opposed to walking into the gym and doing a random workout each time.

elite   performance   s&c

Not every athlete is fortunate enough to receive Strength & Conditioning through a club or governing body. Through our extensive experience in professional sport we are able to provide support to individual athletes or sports teams. A support package would cover a range, based on the needs of the athlete(s) and the sport, of the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Injury prevention
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Rehabilitation programs working closely with your physio
  • Body composition (Body fat and lean muscle ratio)
  • Better movement coaching              

Every athlete on their own or those within a team start with a clean sheet from Tenax Performance. We have so much more to say so please email us at info@tenaxperformance.com to ask any questions you might have. We can create a package that suits your needs and aims.

personal    training

Tenax Performance seeks to improve all facets of the lives of the people we work with and we proudly offer personal training as a service. 

Personal training gives you a powerful motivation to succeed. We want to get to know you and support you in your own unique journey to your own success. Your idea of success is up to you and we respect your aim and design an all encompassing program to help you achieve it. 


We feel we offer a Personal Training from a different perspective. We bring a scientifically proven training process that is guaranteed to help you:

  • Tone up through losing fat and adding some lean muscle
  • Improve strength
  • Achieve fitness goals
  • Increase flexibility to help prevent sore joints

All the above, and more, is achieved through a Tenacious Pursuit of Excellence. You will become more confident through training and we will give you tips to improve your overall quality of life including improving your diet to suit you. 


Please email info@tenaxperformance.com to set up a meeting to see how Tenax Performance can help you. We can train you in your own home if you are unable to get to a gym.


Physiotherapist Support

We strongly recommend Physio Science UK for those people who live south of London. A truly brilliant Sports Medicine provider. Whatever your injury or issue they will provide you with the highest level of support and return you to improved function in a timely manner.