Recommended products and equipment

We have had quite a few people ask about purchasing small amounts of equipment to boost the effectiveness of the home workouts we give athletes to do. Please see the range of products below and why we feel they could be useful for you to buy. Please note - These are purely suggestions and we are not saying you have to buy anything at all. It is completely up to you. 


The photo of each piece of equipment (or red text name) is a link to the pieces of equipment's amazon page. Feel free to click through for the latest price and order if appropriate. 

Suspension trainer

A suspension trainer primarily allows us to ensure that you are developing your upper back muscles by doing the "TRX Row" exercise. We can also use it for more core training and a whole host of other exercises.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is used for foam rolling, which is also know as Self Myofascial Release. It is essentialy a piece of equipment you use to massage your muscles yourself. It makes a siginificant difference in elite sport because a healthier muscle is a stronger and faster one.

Lacrosse ball

A lacrosse ball is like a foam roller but a bit more effective at getting into a few muscle groups like the glutes and hamstrings (Only if you are very used to the foam roller though). It makes a siginificant difference in elite sport, like the foam roller, because a healthier muscle is a stronger and faster one.

Resistance band

We recommend the red band here. It is great to add resistance to many exercises such as bodyweight squats done at home and core exercises such as a band pallof press.

Mini Resistance band

A mini band can be used to strengthen the glutes, which become very dysfunctional in this age of so much sitting. A healthy, firing set of glutes makes a noticeable difference to sporting performance and lower back health for that matter.

Skipping rope

Skipping using a skipping rope is incredibly under-rated. It can help to prevent lower leg injuries, make you faster and increase your overall fitness and athletic ability.

Medicine ball

Medicine balls can be used for a wide variety of exercises from core work to performance exercises for cricket bowling. Get in touch for tips and advice


Kettlebells can be used to add resistance to many exercises, especially when there is no access to a gym. They can be used for swings, carries and squats to name a few examples.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors can really help you to keep an eye on how intense running sessions are. Also good for weight loss sessions on the bike. This strap is bluetooth to a free smartphone app. It is BRILLIANT!!

Yoga Mat

You can do Yoga on it if you so please. We recommend a yoga mat so you don't get sore elbows performing planks and side planks etc.